May 28, 2019 CE

Anguish Across America: The Wedding Funeral's Summer of 2019 American Tour (and Darren Deicide interview)

June 5: Bluegrass Batcave – Lexington, KY
June 6: San Loo – St. Louis, MO
June 7: Arcadian Moon – Higginsville, MO
June 8: Gaslight Gardens – Lawrence, KS
June 9: Kirby's Beer Store – Wichita, KS
June 11: Seventh Circle Music Collective – Denver, CO
June 12: Evergroove Live! - webcast
June 14: WhySound – Logan, UT
June 15: Koto Brewing – Twin Falls, ID
June 17: Simple Pleasures – San Francisco, CA
June 21: Johnny B's Rockin' Diner – Medford, OR
June 23: The Big Legrowlski – Portland, OR
June 24: Substation – Seattle, WA
June 26: Union Hall Ballroom – Missoula, MT
June 29: The Copper Room – Yankton, SD
June 30: Spicoli's Reverb – Waterloo, IA
July 2: Howard's Club H – Bowling Green, OH

The Wedding Funeral announces Anguish Across America, their 2019 cross-country summer tour. Presented by Hokum Productions, the tour begins in Lexington, Kentucky at Bluegrass Batcave and will span Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, South Dakota, Iowa, and Ohio. Comprehensive details for all Anguish Across America tour dates can be found at

Darren Deicide of The Wedding Funeral was on From The Dungeon Podcast discussing the upcoming Anguish Across America: The Wedding Funeral's 2019 American Tour and other topics. The show also features "Seven Day Work Week" and "You'll Be Safe When You're Dead" off the debut album You Have Been Cordially Disinvited. Get it only at

Episode 41: Reverend Darren Deicide (The Wedding Funeral)

April 22, 2019 CE

Shirt Sale, Show Reviews, and Free Song on Podcast

In celebration of the Anguish Across America Tour, the Wedding Funeral announces a shirt sale. New hand stamped T-shirts are now available in women's and unisex, and all men's dress shirts are $5 off making all shirts on sale for $10 at the Wedding Funeral's merchandise page.

Presented by Hokum Productions, Anguish Across America is the Wedding Funeral's 2019 cross-country summer tour. The tour begins in Lexington, Kentucky at Bluegrass Batcave and will span Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, South Dakota, Iowa, and Ohio. Comprehensive details for all Anguish Across America tour dates can be found at or this Facebook event page.

Stanky Hampster has obtained some rare footage of The Wedding Funeral's "The Maggots" at Stanky Hampster Presents: Folk Punk at Freshy's! Paranormal investigators are examining it for authenticity.

The Wedding Funeral | 03.09.19 | Freshy's
[OUR MARCH SHOW RECAP!] Side Pocket Louie/ The Wedding Funeral/ Erin Incoherent/ Rasan in the Heyday/ Fuzzy Slippers

Episode 14 of "The Vault" from From The Dungeon Podcast features "Tabitha's Lullaby" off The Wedding Funeral's debut album, You Have Been Cordially Disinvited. Click on this link and it'll start right from there.

Episode 14: (The Vault {Underground Radio Station}) Bands Videos Included

Get You Have Been Cordially Disinvited on vinyl or digital at the merch page.

March 6, 2019 CE

This Saturday, The Wedding Funeral Live in Philadelphia

The NJ record release party at NJ Weedman's Joint was a wretchedly wonderful time, and those who witnessed it foresaw a terrible end to cannabis prohibition. Please indulge the aftermath at Instagram, if you haven't joined us already.

The Wedding Funeral on Instagram

This Saturday, The Wedding Funeral will be appearing at a Stanky Hampster show in Philadelphia. Unspeakable acts rarely viewed in public settings are planned, thus the show has been shrouded in extreme secrecy. You must request the address to attend. Naturally, we agreed to this dubious engagement. RSVP at

Stanky Hampster Presents: Folk Punk at Freshy's Flyer for the show

February 13, 2019 CE

NJ Record Release Party and Free Songs on Podcasts

We've heard some of your anguished cries for free music and we'd like you to know that we enjoy watching you grovel. At the table that is our picnic, From The Dungeon Podcast has contributed a table scrap of "The Drowning Sonata" for you who beg. The podcast kicks off right away with the song. Don't say we never gave you anything for free. Now, roll over.

Episode 43: (The Vault {Underground Radio Station}) Bands Videos Included

Hear "Mannequin" on PAT 626 - Host of Subculture Shock and turn the knife slowly.

Subculture Shock: 01/27/19

The Wedding Funeral announces its NJ Record Release Party. It will be at the NJ Weedman's Joint and all proceeds will go towards keeping the Joint and the Liberty Bell Temple going, a true place for the strange among us. The line up are some of the finest musicians, and The Wedding Funeral will be putting a ceremonial hex on cannabis prohibition. It will be all out for the Joint.

The Wedding Funeral's NJ Record Release Benefit for NJ Weedman's Joint

You have been cordially disinvited to this Saturday.

January 13, 2019 CE

Old Style Music Nights Interview and Upcoming Victory Party

We don't like interviewers, but we make certain exceptions. That is why we did an exclusive interview with Old Style Music Nights discussing the defeat of the criminal case against The Wedding Funeral, why you won't find the new album on Spotify, plans for the near future, and other clues about our agenda.

"If you are an open-minded music lover with an affection for all things weird and just a little darker you should order [You Have Been Cordially Disinvited]." Get it at

The Wedding Funeral...Crime, Justice, Pigs, and Gothic-Americana

And thus, you have been cordially disinvited to this Saturday, where we will share in our disgust for the state of affairs.

Darren and Ethel Victory Party and Fundraiser for Freedom Grow

November 12, 2018 CE

The 2nd Annual Unhappy Holidays Tour

Oh look, it's "The Maggots" on The Special Without Brett Davis.

We are going on tour to harness the misery this period of the year seems to bring. Dates start with a performance that everyone, regardless of where they are, can see. We'll be on The Underbelly on WEMF assaulting your ear drums with music and molesting your mind with our thoughts. Present thine selves at, 6PM EST sharp, this Thursday. From there we go to Massachusetts, New York, and Ohio, at places your family will not be caught dead during the holiday season.

Nov. 15th - The Underbelly on WEMF, in-studio performance and interview
Nov. 16th - UnchARTed, Lowell, MA
Nov. 17th - Darkside Records, in-store performance, Poughkeepsie, NY
Nov. 29th - Howard's Club H, Bowling Green, OH
Nov. 30th - Stamps... the bar, Tonawanda, NY
Dec. 1st - The Emerald Ballroom, Narrowburg, NY

You Have Been Cordially Disinvited, the debut full-length album, is available both in vinyl and digital download format (with pendant). This release is available ONLY through It will not be available for free or through any pay-to-play sites. We're not the ones. So it has been done.

November 5, 2018 CE

The Wedding Funeral on The Special Without Brett Davis, and The Release of You Have Been Cordially Disinvited

Halloween has passed upon us, as is the episode of The Special Without Brett Davis with The Wedding Funeral as musical guests. The show was marvelously terrible and as unworthy of your time as our music, which begins at 19:00 with "The Maggots" and at 42:50 with "Mannequin".

The Special Without Brett Davis Ep. 146 with The Wedding Funeral

And as All Hallows Eve passes, you have been cordially disinvited to You Have Been Cordially Disinvited. Both in vinyl and digital download format (with pendant), this release is now available ONLY through It will not be available for free or through any pay-to-play sites. We're not the ones. So it has been done.

You Have Been Cordially Disinvited at

October 24, 2018 CE

The Wedding Funeral, Musical Guests on The Special Without Brett Davis

The Wedding Funeral's Exclusive Pre-Release Tour is now over, and we are indeed disturbingly impressed with those who came to begrudgingly buy the debut album, You Have Been Cordially Disinvited. Hate and fear are burning strong in America. For this we smirk, and found many others among us who are quite amused. From the bottom of our distressed hearts, we thank those people and ask them to join us on our campaign of terror.

The Wedding Funeral on Facebook

We are pleased to find ourselves making comedian Brett Davis complicit in our quest to disturb the happiness of society. We will be the guests of dishonor on The Special Without Brett Davis.

The Sociopathic Comedy of Brett Davis

Attendance to the show is free in NYC as it is taped before a live studio audience at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, 537 W. 59th St. You are welcome to join us for the special All Hallows Eve show. It will be quite the miserable time, and we cannot wait to send our gospel of hopelessness to America.

There are now 7 days until the official release of You Have Been Cordially Disinvited.

October 3, 2018 CE

Welcome to the Month of October and our Record Release

October has arrived. This is The Wedding Funeral's month.

Thus begins the release of You Have Been Cordially Disinvited. This Friday, a new rift appears as we unleash our debut full-length album beginning with our exclusive pre-release tour. These spectral appearances will range from Pennsylvania to Kentucky and will give those who come advance access to the album which will be in both vinyl and digital formats. Take this as your cordial disinvitation. We hope you don't come.

Oct. 5 - The Pickering Creek Inn, Phoenixville, PA
Oct. 6 - Garden Grove Brewing & Urban Winery, Richmond, VA
Oct. 8 - Fleetwood's, Asheville, NC
Oct. 11 - Exile on Main Street, Champaign, IL
Oct. 12 - Dry Ground Brewing Company, Paducah, KY
Oct. 13 - Al's Bar of Lexington, Lexington, KY
Oct. 16 - Goth Night, The Jefferson Theater, Charlottesville, VA
Oct. 17 - Hotel RL, Baltimore, MD

We have more surprises in store for you as we build up to our Halloween record release. This will culminate in Salem, Massachusetts where we will dig up the grave of John Hathorne for a long overdue molestation.

Halloween Spooktacular record release party at Gulu Gulu Cafe

Those who accept our regretful invitation to our Exclusive Pre-Release Tour will be the first to have this available. This is the first glimpse of our digital download package. For $15, not only will one get exclusive access to You Have Been Cordially Disinvited's digital portal, but they will receive this 1 inch black nickel Wedding Funeral pendant signifying their damnation to eternal discontent. For the rest, this item will be made available on Halloween, the official release. Won't you not join us?

September 13, 2018 CE

Advance Copies of New Album?

We call to arms all those who wish to further implement our gospel of displeasure and disgust to the world. Reviewers, writers, journalists, and various other dopamine peddlers are welcome to approach us for special access to the upcoming album, You Have Been Cordially Disinvited. I am interested in bringing The Wedding Funeral to you for reviews, interviews, performances, and various mediums of terrorism. Email to ask for a copy and present your ideas. We guarantee you nothing.

-Archdaemon Choronzon

September 4, 2018 CE

A Message from Choronzon, and The October Release of our Debut Full-Length Album, You Have Been Cordially Disinvited

The Wedding Funeral was revisited by the entity that foisted us from the aethers. Born of undefiled contempt for humanity, the malevolent Archdaemon Choronzon has delivered an important message, and you will read it: We have watched false prophets churn out of this thing called the music industry. We have watched them grovel and accept slavery. And why not? Their muse is the siren song of the marching dead. One after another, they have lined up for a mass flagellation, a pittance they rightfully deserve for they are vassals of the pigs.

But I have sent The Wedding Funeral to find the others, those who live comfortably in misery and discontent. It is for this reason, that The Wedding Funeral will not release their new album on any free internet mediums whatsoever. Upcoming releases will be made available exclusively through or by facing The Wedding Funeral at one of its shows only. Have you been excluded? Do you long for the spoon feeding? You will not get it from us. We demand penance, and the rest will face their fears.

Consummatum est.
-Archdaemon Choronzon

The Wedding Funeral announces the upcoming release of their debut full-length album, You Have Been Cordially Disinvited, during the entire month of October. The release begins with an exclusive pre-release tour that will span from New Jersey to Kentucky and then culminate in the official release on Halloween with the release party in Salem, Massachusetts.

The Wedding Funeral is the brainchild of internationally touring, alternative punk-blues musician Darren Deicide and choral-trained Ethel Lynn Oxide. Their 4-song debut demo, Beneath the Floor Boards (Covered in Feces), was released exclusively at to positive reviews calling it "both haunting and alluring all at once" and "like the best tales told around a campfire". Advance copies of the album will be exclusively available at the select dates of the pre-release tour. On Halloween, the album will be officially released online and will be celebrated at Gulu Gulu Cafe in Salem, Massachusetts. You Have Been Cordially Disinvited will be available at and at live shows only, in vinyl and digital formats. The full digital album will include a unique Wedding Funeral pendant.

The schedule for the upcoming October release dates can be found at and will be continually updated as new dates are booked.

July 30, 2018 CE

The Final Sale of the Demo, and Show this Saturday

The Wedding Funeral loves to put things out of their misery. That is why the time has come to condemn our 4-song demo to death. For the past miserable 9 months, we have made it available exclusively for free listening here at our homepage. Now until August 15th, you can get a copy of the Beneath the Floor Board (Covered in Feces) on CD for $8 (domestic) exclusively at Once August 15th passes, this demo will forever be cast into the aethers and left in the hands of the brave few that entered our domain. It will never be seen again. The malevolent Archdaemon Choronzon has much to tell you as we prepare for the upcoming release of our first LP this fall, and we must make way.

Get Beneath the Floor Board (Covered in Feces) until August 15th

The only other place you will be able to get Beneath the Floor Boards (Covered in Feces) is going to be this Saturday at the newly renovated Bobby Dee's in Jersey City as Hokum Productions debuts its first show with The Wedding Funeral, Brook Pridemore, Natalie Papa, and guest deacon Joe Billy. We will not spare you. We will not tolerate you. You will accept us. All the information is on this page or on Facebook.

May 14, 2018 CE

We are Back from Tour and Ready to Haunt the Jersey Shore Festival

We have arrived back safe and unsound after a three week tour through the South. We consider this tour a success in spreading our discontent to those willing to listen and to those who simply had nowhere else to run. Along the way, The Clarksdale Press Register has purportedly published a rare photo of The Wedding Funeral at the Juke Joint Festival. Skeptics claim it to be a hoax.

The Wedding Funeral in the Clarksdale Press Register

And now that we have returned, we are going to haunt this weekend's Jersey Shore Festival. Rumor has it that apparitions of us will be conjured at Riggers this Saturday, May 19th. More information about this seance can be found at At 8pm, the 20th hour of universal coordinated time, the Jersey Shore patrons will drop their beer funnels.

Saturday, May 19th
The Jersey Shore Festival 2018 presents
The Wedding Funeral at Riggers
Riggers, 519 Blvd.
Seaside Heights, NJ

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