February 26, 2018

Interviews, Reviews, and our Debut in New York City

First, if you missed our last show, the debut of Hokum! at the Jersey City Theater Center, you missed a sold out show. It was a tastelessly glorious display. Try harder next time. Now, on to other news...

In our efforts to spread the gospel of nothing, we do not intend to do many interviews. Interviewers are false prophets and shoddy messiahs. But not Rev. Adam Campbell. He is a fellow traveler. That is why we are made an exception and did our first interview on Speak of the Devil. Don't blink, for it may not happen again. Enjoy it while you can.

The Wedding Funeral on Speak of the Devil

This upcoming Tuesday, The Wedding Funeral will be debuting in New York City. Not only is it our first show there, it is a unique live night at Otto's Shrunken Head's Dark Water Tuesday. The Wedding Funeral will nestle into the crevice of this gothic night and show you the 5th dimension.

The Facebook event page for The Wedding Funeral Debuts in New York City
The event flyer

And oh, have the reviews been pouring in. It swells our groins that so much discomfort has been expressed at our inception. Old Style Music Nights, the alternative roots blog from Belgium, had much to say.

"They gave us four songs, four songs that you will love or hate. There is no in-between. I have played this demo to an eclectic mix of friends. Some hated it, most of them loved it. And even the ones that hated it, told me there was something about these songs… something they couldn’t grasp, something eerie… and eerie it is!" -Old Style Music Nights
Old Style Music Nights Review of Beneath the Floor Board (Covered in Feces)

Speak of the Devil also gave a write up on their website.
"'Tabitha's Lullaby' is both haunting and alluring all at once. The Wedding Funeral is the kind of music that evokes imagery. Like the best tales told around a campfire, or in the dark under a blanket--you feel like you are being let in on an ancient secret that raises the hair on the back of your neck, and draws tears from your eyes because you refuse to blink lest you miss a single second." -Speak of the Devil

We are most pleased at how unnerved our reviewers are and look forward to haunting more. Until then, continue visiting Beneath the Floor Board (Covered in Feces) and get ready for the Jersey Juke Invasion upcoming tour. Dates will be announced soon.

January 19, 2018

The Wedding Funeral in the Jersey Journal

The Jersey Journal has become complicit in our goals of sodomizing society by giving the upcoming show a full spread in the recent printing.

This is merely the beginning. Plans will manifest for the Wedding Funeral in ghastly ways often not seen by the naked eye.

October 9, 2017

We Have Arrived

You have arrived at the Wedding Funeral's webpage. You've either wandered here or accepted one of our regretful invitations. Either way, how unfortunate for you. This will be where we will keep everyone updated on everything from shows to music releases to merch and the various portals we open. And so it begins...

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