October 12, 2020 CE

The Wedding Funeral is Now on Pandora Radio

The Wedding Funeral has been added to Pandora Radio, the largest free internet radio service. Their "Music Genome Project" pairs artists into fully-customizable stations by adding artists and songs. The Wedding Funeral and their songs are now available here. The Wedding Funeral is also on iHeartRadio. Start building your station here.

May 19, 2020 CE

The European Tour Has Been Postponed, The End is Nigh

The 2020 European tour has been postponed. We will see the survivors at PA STEAM Fest 2020. The end is nigh.

Lockdown Project: Make your own Wedding Funeral clothing. We might resist the urge to sue you. Design by Tom Saenen of Old Style Music Nights / Picking Bones Festival

We finally received our first dislike for our April Fools joke. For a moment, we thought we were doing something wrong. Join in their disgust and dislike our video. "No one is ready for the sex girls."

“Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?” - The Wedding Funeral (April Fool Gleaming Spires cover)

You Have Been Cordially Disinvited by The Wedding Funeral is now available digitally for $10.

"You'll Be Safe When You're Dead" has been included in the soundtrack to "Temporary, Like a Virus" and is available for free listening off Soundcloud. "Temporary, Like a Virus" is a feature film written, recorded, and edited under quarantine. This indie ensemble film is about the millennial experience during the coronavirus quarantine. Check it out here.

April 7, 2020 CE

The Wedding Funeral's Exclusive New Song, and The Pandemic Pandemonium Sale

You all have been so busy with Coronapalooza that you forgot what day it was. The end is nigh.

The Wedding Funeral’s Exclusive New Song

The Wedding Funeral announces the Pandemic Pandemonium sale, the online digital download release of their debut album You Have Been Cordially Disinvited. This new addition to the merch section will allow anyone to purchase the album and download it conveniently from home for the first time. Go to the merch section of The Wedding Funeral's homepage or directly to theweddingfuneral.com/cordiallydisinvited to purchase.

Old Style Music Nights agrees. Coronavirus is not enough. Increase your terror by grabbing some merch, as well as merch from these other plague-era artists. The end is nigh.

"Fuck Corona!!" by Old Style Music Nights

February 18, 2020 CE

New Merchandise Now on Sale, PA Steam Fest, and European Tour 2020

New Wedding Funeral merchandise is now on sale at theweddingfuneral.com. Black pillar candles and pendants are now available, and digital download packages as well as dress attire are now on sale at reduced prices. All orders include a free Wedding Funeral sticker. Go to the merch page to order.

The Wedding Funeral has been booked to play PA Steam Fest 2020 in Bethlehem, PA. Tickets are now on sale.

The European tour is nearly entirely booked. Dates can be found at The Wedding Funeral's show page and include Berlin, Amsterdam, and Picking Bones festival in Belgium.

November 4, 2019 CE

Brand New Black Pillar Candles

Available now for only $10 are the newest item, The Wedding Funeral black pillar candles. They are available at The Wedding Funeral's merch section. A small batch of these immediately sold out within the first few shows of the Anguish Across America tour, so they are back.

October 21, 2019 CE

Infernal Ink Magazine Interview

Out now, the latest issue of Infernal Ink Magazine features an interview with The Wedding Funeral, the duo that brought its unique Gothic-Americana style on its first full American tour last summer. They discuss this and other topics, including their plans for a 2020 summer tour of Europe. Get it now.

Infernal Ink Magazine in print
Infernal Ink Magazine on Kindle
Infernal Ink Magazine on Goodreads

Coming soon...sooner if you come to McGinley Square Pub's Monster Mash! on Friday, Oct. 25

The Wedding Funeral on Instagram

September 16, 2019 CE

The YouTube Premiere of The Wedding Funeral on Evergroove Live!

In conjunction with QSC Systems and Warm Audio, Evergroove Studio presents the YouTube premiere of The Wedding Funeral on Evergroove Live! webcast. Recorded live on The Wedding Funeral's Anguish Across America Tour, the performance was originally broadcasted unedited on Facebook Premiere and is now available for free viewing in playlist form at The Wedding Funeral's homepage music section.

The Wedding Funeral on Evergroove Live!

The performance includes “The Drowning Sonata”, “Mannequin”, “You'll Be Safe When You're Dead”, “Tabitha's Lullaby”, and “Seven Day Work Week”, all off The Wedding Funeral's debut album, You Have Been Cordially Disinvited. The solar-powered Evergroove Studios is designed by award-winning acoustician Wes Lachot and located on 4.5 acres of national forest in Evergreen, CO.

July 9, 2019 CE

Evergroove LIVE! Webcast and Tour

Oh, how grand the US tour was and what sights of anguish we have to show.

First, there is the unfiltered gorgeous performance that was had on Evergroove LIVE! webcast. If you were fortunate enough to have missed the live premiere, your luck has run out. It is now available for viewing. Designed by award winning acoustician, Wes Lachot, the solar-powered Evergroove Studio is located on 4.5 acres of national forest in Evergreen, CO.

Evergroove LIVE! with The Wedding Funeral

And do tell us more about the anguish.
"Seriously, this show made me smile, gave me chills, and, at one point, made my eyes water. I was amazed...I had never heard anything like it. The Wedding Funeral made me feel as though I was in a Broadway production, a Ritual Chamber, and a Rock Concert all at the same time and I cannot recommend it enough. If it’s coming within 100 miles of you, I expect you to go."
"Misery is Bliss" at I'm a Satanist and...

Yes, more!
The Wedding Funeral Road Trip

Many of you were so smitten with misery that you had to take pictures. Go to our Instagram to relive the gloom.
The Wedding Funeral on Instagram

The Wedding Funeral now disappears into the aethers. Will we reappear? Will there be a 2nd album?

May 28, 2019 CE

Anguish Across America: The Wedding Funeral's Summer of 2019 American Tour (and Darren Deicide interview)

June 5: Bluegrass Batcave – Lexington, KY
June 6: San Loo – St. Louis, MO
June 7: Arcadian Moon – Higginsville, MO
June 8: Gaslight Gardens – Lawrence, KS
June 9: Kirby's Beer Store – Wichita, KS
June 11: Seventh Circle Music Collective – Denver, CO
June 12: Evergroove Live! - webcast
June 14: WhySound – Logan, UT
June 15: Koto Brewing – Twin Falls, ID
June 17: Simple Pleasures – San Francisco, CA
June 21: Johnny B's Rockin' Diner – Medford, OR
June 23: The Big Legrowlski – Portland, OR
June 24: Substation – Seattle, WA
June 26: Union Hall Ballroom – Missoula, MT
June 29: The Copper Room – Yankton, SD
June 30: Spicoli's Reverb – Waterloo, IA
July 2: Howard's Club H – Bowling Green, OH

The Wedding Funeral announces Anguish Across America, their 2019 cross-country summer tour. Presented by Hokum Productions, the tour begins in Lexington, Kentucky at Bluegrass Batcave and will span Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, South Dakota, Iowa, and Ohio. Comprehensive details for all Anguish Across America tour dates can be found at theweddingfuneral.com.

Darren Deicide of The Wedding Funeral was on From The Dungeon Podcast discussing the upcoming Anguish Across America: The Wedding Funeral's 2019 American Tour and other topics. The show also features "Seven Day Work Week" and "You'll Be Safe When You're Dead" off the debut album You Have Been Cordially Disinvited. Get it only at theweddingfuneral.com.

Episode 41: Reverend Darren Deicide (The Wedding Funeral)

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